U-NET 2012 - IEEE Workshop on User-Centric Networking

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Third IEEE Workshop on U-NET: User-Centric Networking

In conjunction with ICC2012, Ottawa, Canada

Wireless technologies have been used mostly as last-hop of fixed networks. In the last years the inherent flexibility of wireless technologies is giving rise to new types of technologies that allow networking functions to be deployed by the action of the end-user, for instance as a virtual Internet service operator. However, the potential of this new set of user-centric networking technologies has not been explored in terms of new Internet horizons and potential business opportunities, or in terms of pervasive network experience and social interaction.

The Workshop is dedicated to the debate of challenges and opportunities concerning user-centric networking technologies, which allow end-users to cooperate by sharing network services and resources. This set of technology may empower the end-user as a new Internet stakeholder and not just as a consumer and producer of content. User-centric networking technologies can be applied to a wide range of scenarios, encompassing: i) sharing subscribed broadband Internet access; ii) provide support for a better Internet connectivity; iii) allow the usage of communication services even in the absence of a reliable Internet access; iv) assistive networking services based on user involvement for the detection and repair of communication problems. The new role of an empowered end-user is disruptive in several aspects, namely: i) in what concerns the end-to-end Internet paradigm, since end-user devices will actively participate as part of the network; ii) in terms of regular network boundaries of trust, which need to be extended in a way that should mimic social behavior; iii) while handling intermittent Internet connectivity as well as fast and transparent roaming between micro-operators needs to be considered.

This workshop solicits original, high-quality papers that analyze and discuss ideas related to user-centric networking technologies, including specific improvements to current Internet protocols and new components that integrate into a future Internet architecture. We encourage submissions of full papers describing highly polished results or incremental refinements of previous work. We also encourage the submission of poster papers presenting a set of architectural agreements and disagreements about the role of user-centric networking. To be accepted, poster papers must meet the same quality criteria as traditional papers.

The workshop covers all aspects related to the current and future user-centric networking technologies including, but not limited to, the following impact:

  • Impact on access networks
  • Impact on Internet architectures
  • New Internet connectivity models
  • Trust models, incentives to share network services and resources
  • Resource management in spontaneous networks
  • Human behavior and mobility patterns
  • Self-organization in dynamic wireless networks
  • Cooperative networking
  • Opportunistic networking
  • Community detection and social networking aspects
  • Security, traceability, confidentiality, non-reputation, identity management
  • Low-cost and energy-efficient technologies

Prospective authors are encouraged to submit a 5-page IEEE conference style paper (including all text, figures, and references) through EDAS submission system (http://www.edas.info). Accepted papers must be registered and presented at the workshop by one of the authors. All papers selected for publication will be published together with IEEE ICC 2012 proceedings and will be available on IEEE Xplore database. The tentative timetable is as follows:

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