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The main objectives of WP5, led by UniK, are: to disseminate results in R&D community, to assist in developing channels for dissemination and exchange, to generate awareness in regards to ULOOP positioning, to contribute to relevant standardisation activities, to provide an exploitation plan with a five-year vision post-ULOOP, and to  organize large-scale networking events in living-lab scenarios, demonstrating in real-time ULOOP operation to the target groups.

WP5 consists of the following three tasks:

Task 5.1: Dissemination and Event Organization  

  • Project website (private and public areas).
  • Quarterly e-newsletter and publications (journal and conference).
  • Two yearly workshops, two industrial events, and two demonstration events in year 3. 

 Task 5.2: Standardisation Monitoring and Contribution

  • Dissemination and contribution to standardisation bodies and technical platforms. Support and coordination of partners in identifying which results should be contributed to where.
  • The main contributions are envisioned to the IETF and WWRF. Others include EIFFEL, eMobility, IRTF, Linux Standard Base, 3GPP, IEEE802.21 on Media Independent Handover, IEEE802.16 (WiMAX) and WiMAX Forum.


Task 5.3: Exploitation of Project Results

  • An initial market opportunity study and exploitation plan.
  • Promotional activities (presentations and demonstrations) made to other companies and projects.
  • Availability of functionality made in the form of open-source software.
  • Training scheme and training guidebook applied to dissemination events.
  • Development of online tutorials as well as public deliverables and material concerning events.