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ULOOP brings in a fresh approach to user-centricity by exploring user-provided networking aspects in a way that expands the reach of a multi-access backbone.

ULOOP main expected results are user-centric open-source software and a large-scale realistic demonstrator. The ULOOP consortium holds a total of 12 partners including 3 operators, 2 access vendors, 1 software house, 4 universities, as well as 1 R&D Laboratory. The project is jointly coordinated by Alcatel-Lucent BellLabs France with University Lusófona (SITI, Informatics Systems and Technologies R&D Unit).

Innovation in ULOOP

ULOOP addresses the user as a key component of networking services in future Internet architectures. Building upon current (commercial) examples ULOOP explores not only the adequate technical sustainability of user-centric models, but also legislation implications and the potential of community-driven services and how these new aspects may give rise to novel business models both from a user and from an access perspective.