Third U-NET Workshop with ICC 2012 in Ottawa, Canada, June 10-15, 2012

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The 3rd edition of the User-centric Networking (U-NET) Workshop will be held together with the IEEE ICC 2012 conference (

UNET2012 is dedicated to the debate of challenges and opportunities concerning user-centric networking technologies, which allow end-users to cooperate by sharing network services and resources. This set of technologies may empower the end-user as a new Internet stakeholder and not just as a consumer and producer of content. User-centric networking technologies can be applied to a wide range of scenarios,


    • Sharing subscribed broadband Internet access based upon cooperation incentives or rewards, as well as based upon people’s own mobility patterns and social behavior.
    • Providing support for a better Internet connectivity, such novel functionality allowing local-loop networks to operate in a completely autonomic way.
    • Allowing the usage of communication services even in the absence of a reliable Internet access

Assistive networking services based on user involvement for the detection and repair of communication problems.


Previous editions of UNET :

    • UNET 2009, together with ACM CoNext 2009, Rome, Italy.
    • UNET 2010, together with IEEE Globecom 2011, Miami, USA