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The main objective of WP3, led by ULHT, is to specify, implement, and validate each of the ULOOP building blocks, to integrate the different building blocks into a single prototype (software image) and to provide input to WP4 concerning integration and performance aspects of the mechanisms developed.

WP3 has the following three tasks:

Task 3.1: Cooperation Incentives and Trust Management

  • Analyse different cooperation incentives from a technology and business perspective.
  • Investigate dynamic trust management models and cooperation incentives.

Task 3.2. Resource Management

  • Guarantees a scalable and reliable network operation.
  • Look at resource control from the node and network perspective.


Task 3.3. Mobility Support

  • Handover support between different networks types in the presence of dynamic local loops.
  • Analyse social mobility models allowing the prediction of device movement.

Task 3.4. Building Blocks Integration

  • Integration of functionality developed in the previous tasks.
  • Encompasses three different perspectives in terms of interoperability: end-user perspective; access perspective; service perspective.