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The main objective of WP2, led by TU Berlin, is to establish realistic boundaries and requirements for the functionality to be developed in ULOOP. It consist of three tasks.

Task 2.1: Technical use-cases with fine-grained detail

  • Devise a specific set of technical scenarios, clearly identifying technical constraints and requirements that will guide the development and testing in WP3 and WP4
  • Provide input to the overall ULOOP specification to be performed in Task 2.3

Task 2.2: Socio-economic sustainability and telecommunications impact

  • Analyse the network neutrality impact of ULOOP
  • Perform a survey of current Wi-Fi-related legislation
  • Analyse the socio-economic sustainability of ULOOP based on the use-cases defined in Task 2.1
  • Specify general guidelines for the development and application of sustainable user-centric networks

Task 2.3: Overall Specification

  • Specify the global ULOOP architecture, with a horizontal view on all components and activities of the project
  • Provide guidelines on how the integration of the building blocks should be done based on the outcomes of Task 2.1 and Task 2.2
  • Provide energy-awareness guidelines to each of the tasks of WP3, with the objective of optimizing energy consumption in any ULOOP network.