The full list of COPELABS software is available via our open-source scientific repository as well as via our gitlab account! here you find a list of the most recent software.


Now@: a Content-Sharing Application for NDN (2015-2018, UMOBILE project)

Now1 2

Now@ is an Android app for content sharing (text, documents, photos) over intermittent internet access. It relies on Chronosync. Now@ can run on top of NDN-OPP which means that data is then shared via Wi-Fi Direct or Wi-Fi connections (D2D communication), or on top of the original NDN Forwarding Daemon (NFD) for Android.

The current release allows for the following:

- exchange of data via Wi-Fi DirectLogoNow150
- possibility to select categories of interests
- data reception filtered by interests











Oi!: Short-Messaging over NDN (2015-2018, UMOBILE Project)


Oi! (which stands for "Hi!" in portuguese) is an instant messenger based on a push communication model, which is supported by NDN-Opp. Due to this, Oi! can be used in places where internet access is intermittent. The Oi! application is currently being exploited to allow users to communicate in emergency situations, based on a predefined name prefix.











 NDN-OPP: NDN Framework for Opportunistic Wireless Communications (2015-2018, UMOBILE Project)


The NDN framework for Opportunistic Networks (NDN-Opp) is an extension of the NDN Android implementation, aiming to support NDN communication in wireless networks by exploiting direct communication between wireless devices, as well as intermittent Wi-Fi connectivity to the Internet (NDN global testbed).

NDN-OPP aims to extend the functionality of the NDN Android implementation with:

 NSense: Sensing Nearness (CitySense project, 2016-2017)

 Screenshot 20170315 103636

NSense captures your nearness context based on social interaction and propinquity modeling. Its purpose is to assist in stimulating social behavior, encourage cooperation among people.

This application is a product of the R&D unit COPELABS CitySense project ( and is currently being used for scientific purposes in the context of the COPELABS Proxemics Data Lab (










MTracker (ULOOP project, 2010-2013)



This plugin tracks in a seamless and anonymous way visited networks by a roaming user. It collects locally and/or to a remote database information concerning the visits, such as stationary time of a device.

Data collected is currently being used to provide traces that can assist in understanding roaming patterns. Currently, the plugin provides an estimate for a potential move. MTracker can be coupled with server-side solutions, e.g. a mobility management solution, to provide a better roaming experience.

All of the information is of a technical nature and available in the Internet today.

MTracker is an application that has been developed by COPELABS in the context of the European project ULOOP (2010-2013) and a version is available as open-source, LGPLv3.0.







Dynamic Frequency Sharing - a mac802.11 patch to provide fairness

DFSQRCODELuis Amaral Lopes, Hassan Osman (UniK), Rute C. Sofia, Huseyin Haci and huiling zhu, Dynamic Spectrum Management (DFS) - mac80211 patch, SITI-SW-13-03, 2013

DFS is a software-based mechanism that targets short-range wireless networks where transmission is based on a shared medium (e.g. broadcast) and which rely on OFDM for data transmission. DFS is applicable downstream, from the antenna to the station, and relies on techniques both from OSI Layer 1 and 2 to assist data transmission to multiple stations within a time-frame that based only in OFDM could only serve the purpose of serving a single station.

Check out our demo in YouTube!




Other Software: