SOCIAL Proximity Framework (SOCIO), 2015-

SOCIAL Proximity Framework (SOCIO)




Waldir Moreira, SOCIO: Social Proximity Library, COPE-SW-15-02, 2015


SOCIO provides an API, which shall allow for the design of other applications aiming at exploiting social-aware opportunistic communications over multiple wireless technologies regardless of the existence of infrastructure or Internet connectivity.


SOCIO is currently the basis for a set of social-aware opportunistic communication tools under development by COPELABS, such as Oi!



SOCIO has been developed as a follow-up of the work developed in COPELABS, SITI R&D team, in regards to the integration of social interaction into routing paradigms. Currently, SOCIO is being applied in the context of the H2020 UMOBILE project, where COPELABS is providing opportunistic transmission tools based on social-aware routing, integrated into an NDN testbed.

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