Privacy Policy - SOCIO

Privacy Policy - SOCIO



SOCIO (Social Proximity Framework) is an opportunistic routing framework.

SOCIO has been developed as a follow-up of the work developed in the R&D unit COPELABS, SITI R&D team, in regards to the integration of social interaction into routing paradigms. Currently, SOCIO is being applied in the context of the H2020 UMOBILE project, where COPELABS is providing opportunistic transmission tools based on social-aware routing, integrated into an NDN testbed.


The app collects information concerning your networking footprint via bluetooth so that we can give you the service you want. No personal data is captured.

The security of your personal information is extremely important. ALL information is kept only on internal storage of the device only. The user can access/delete all data on the device.


Data that we capture and keep locally (internal storage):


Networking data:

- MAC identifier of the device.

- Bluetooth identifier of the device

- Bluetooth sightings (MACs of other devices around)

- Bluetooth time of contact (contact duration).