Privacy Policy - NSENSE

Privacy Policy - NSENSE



This app is aimed to be used by any person.


The app collects information concerning your networking footprint so that we can give you the service you want.

The security of your personal information is extremely important. ALL information is kept only on internal storage of the device only. The user can access/delete all data on the device. NO personal data is captured, nor stored. What we store locally (in your device) is:


- Location. We rely on location provided by the network (fusedlocation) or GPS.

- Bluetooth MAC address and contact duration.

- Wi-Fi MAC address and Wi-Fi Direct contacts (duration)

- microphone, we analyse environmental sound level but do not store any data.

- movement, we analyse whether movement is stationary or not.

Only filtered data (type of movement; duration of contacts, average duration of contacts) is kept. We do not keep raw data.





All data is kept locally only.