C-BRAIN-2018-11: Augmented reality in outdoor sports, PhD work (R. Pascoal, ISCTE-IUL)


C-BRAIN-2018-11: Augmented reality in outdoor sports, PhD work (R. Pascoal, ISCTE-IUL)
Tue, 19. June 2018




Title: Augmented Reality on sportive environment.

Speaker: Rui Pascoal, ISCTE-IUL PhD Student.



Augmented reality (AR) technology for use in outdoor sports environments presents chalenges. Information overload, difficulties of hands-free interactions and Internet requirements of AR is evaluated. Information to show for users must be adequated to the kind of sport activity, as well as, required functionalities.  The problem of information and communication overload is evaluated before implementing an AR system to be used specially to practice biking, walking or athletics.  An implementation of the AR prototype is performed, which shows the availability of all information and functionalities to end users, such as climatic, biometric, geolocation, and social data. The last goal is an AR framewok, which adapts to the environmental differences in resource access, and recognize complex activities. It also integrates an off-line automatic speech recognition for outdoor usage.



Bio: Rui Miguel Simão Pascoal completed degree in Computer Engineering at the Autonomous University of Lisbon in 2014. Student of Ph.D. program at ISCTE-IUL/ISTA and MSc degree in Computer Engineering and Information Systems at ULHT. Finalized the master's dissertation with title: “Augmented Reality in Outdoor Sports”. Academic research works in information overload, statistical learning and probabilistic learning for natural language processing. A specialization of 2nd cycle in Conception and Evaluating Projects. In his professional activities integrated teams in area of information technologies, particularly in 1998 at Hewlett Packard in UNIX and NT servers’ configuration. In 2004 at IBM, operating Mainframes Z/OS in Critical Recovery. In 2011 the core technology of IBM, certification, distribution of software and fix identity management systems. In 2015 in the direction of Planning and Management Control of CTT in Business Intelligence, Executive Information System and SAP Business Warehouse. In addition to the academic career, there are Electrotechnical education. An English course of 10th level, at the Institute of Oxford. Several professional certifications such as UNIX courses, IBM Mainframes, Java language, in addition to several others. The last work is in professional internship in the engineers' order - evaluation system requirements.


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