Measuring Emotions: a Usability Approach


Measuring Emotions: a Usability Approach


A Ux-Lx Workshop



Venue: SITILabs, University Lusófona

Building U, 1º piso

Campo Grande 376, 1749-024 Lisboa


How to reach us


Inês Oliveira, David Lamas (SITILabs, University Lusófona)


Pedro Rosa, Pedro Gamito (LabPsiCom - Laboratory of Computing Psychology, University Lusófona)





(Free entrance but requires prior registration)




This workshop is dedicated to provide a perspective on the applicability of eye tracking tools together with galvanic skin resistance response (GSR) for the purpose of usability studies evaluation.


Throughout 3 hours we shall provide a theoretical introduction to these tools and to show how results extracted by using such tools can be validated within the context of usability. The workshop results shall be based on an in-loco demo and shall finish with an analysis of performance evaluation based on usability metrics.



Who Should Come to this Workshop?


This workshop is open to anyone interested in better understanding how to validate (within the context of usability) results derived from monitoring tools, in particular Eye tracking and RPG.


The workshop is advised for researchers, students, and human factor professionals. No specific pre-requirement is necessary.




What will you learn?


With this workshop, participants shall:

Grasp a better understanding of eye-tracking and RPG within the context of HCI

To get advanced training concerning these tools usage and concerning validation based on quantitative and qualitative usability metrics